Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I don't get the Archbishop of Canterbury

I don't get the Archbishop of Canterbury. I am such a fan of his writings; I am moved by his obvious deep faith and spirit; I love his letter of support for the Society of Catholic Priests ( And yet, in his most recent communication with the alleged representatives of the "Global South", he veers off in strange directions. By way of urging the Global South folks to have some patience of the Spirit and not overreact to the upcoming consecration of honest, partnered, lesbian Mary Glasspool (full disclosure: I joyfully voted my consent as a member of the Standing Committee) he then states that, "I hope you’ll bear in mind that there are no quick solutions for the wounds of the Body of Christ."

Mary Glasspool is a wound to the Body of Christ? Faithful, committed LGBT people wound the Body of Christ? Hatred, violence, sexism, racism, warfare... yes, these things wound the Body of Christ. Faithful, committed, loving Christians? I don't think so. When will we move beyond this foolishness and get on with the work to which Jesus has called us - reconciliation, holiness, justice, evangelism, transformation...?


  1. Good thoughts, and good reflections here! Thank you.

    Peter Carey+

  2. Peter+

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  3. Thanks for the continuing support to LGBT people: your stance as an ally continues to inspire. Let's hope and pray that one day all faithful, committed, loving Christians will be welcomed into the Church.