Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Society of Catholic Priests

With a celebration of Solemn High Mass at Christ Church, New Haven, the North American province of the Society of Catholic Priests was founded on November 10, 2009.

Why the SCP? To quote the Patron of the Society, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, "If you believe that ordained ministry in the Anglican Church is part of the continuing witness of the whole Christian and Catholic tradition, Eastern and Western; if you believe that the priestly task is to be what Austin Farrer called a 'walking sacrament' (not just a leader or co-ordinator or even teacher); and if you also believe that the specific shape of this priesthood can properly develop as the Church moves on, to include those among the baptised who have regularly been excluded, SCP exists to help you flourish as a deacon, priest or bishop in the Anglican Church."

I and several other clergy in Rhode Island have joined the Society and are planning to host a gathering after the holidays for others who may be interested . For now there is more information at the Society's website:

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